AMIC prides itself on a tradition of providing excellent insurance products delivered with unparalleled service to the agribusiness industry. But in today's business environment, we believe your insurance company must do more than write a policy and settle claims. You need a partner that can help you thrive in the midst of complex regulations and expanding risks.


Our team of consultants will assist you in understanding and achieving regulatory compliance. We will help you evaluate existing and potential risk, providing specific recommendations to help you diminish that risk and control your losses. Our overall goal is to help you better protect your people and property, ultimately increasing your opportunity for profit.


Providing solutions with innovative products and superior service: that has been AMIC's commitment to our policyholder/owners since the beginning. Our Loss Control Services are just one more indication that Austin Mutual Insurance Company is more than just an insurance company. We are your partner.


Our Loss Control staff is readily available to provide the following services to assist our customers in preventing and controlling losses.


Disclaimer: We neither agree nor intend to undertake on behalf of anyone else to provide for the health or safety of your premises, your employees, or the public. This remains your responsibility. Any perceived or real benefit derived by you or others from any service provided by our Loss Control personnel is coincidental. Our Loss Control services constitute neither a warranty, nor a determination, that you are in compliance with any law, rule, regulation, or recognized practice, and in no way implies conformance with any federal, state, or local law, regulation or statute.